USA Mega Millions Lotto Ticket Worth $2,000,000 Sold In Texas

[] By Gary Bass, Digital Content Producer - JASPER, TX (News Release) - Someone is now $2 million richer, according to the Texas Lottery Commission. 

A Mega Millions ticket purchased at the Quick Way No. 16 convenience store in Jasper had five of the five winning numbers in the July 11 drawing. 

Because the winning ticket had a “Megaplier,” it meant that the person’s jackpot was doubled from $1 million to $2 million. 

The Quick Way Store, which is located at 2147 N. Wheeler Street in Jasper, will get a bonus for selling the winning ticket. 

According to the Texas Lottery Commission web site’s Frequently Asked Questions section, a retailer who sells a winning Mega Millions ticket gets 1 percent of the advertised grand/jackpot prize. 

In this case, it means the Quick Way store will get a $20,000 bonus. 

The next Mega Millions Jackpot is tonight. 

The estimated annuitized jackpot is $217 million, according to the Texas Lottery Commission. 

The estimated cash value is $133.1 million. 

The grand/jackpot prize would be paid in 30 annual graduated installments.