Are You the Next MEGA Winner of the US Mega Millions?

Just thinking about winning the lottery can make almost everyone draw a smile in their faces. Now, what more if you will actually win the US Mega Millions jackpot prize?

Tennessee welcomes its first Mega Millions jackpot winners

About the US Mega Millions

The US Mega Millions is a known US lottery game participated by the 44 states of America, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. It is regulated by the Multi-State Lottery Association or MUSL. MUSL is a non-profit and a government-benefit association that is operated by the 36 member lotteries. It is one of the America’s two big jackpot games. The jackpot prize starts at $15 million. Other prizes range from $1 up to $1 million. Additionally, up to $5 million can be won with optional Megaplier. The ticket only costs $1. The Mega Millions draw happens every night of Tuesday and Friday.

How to Play the US Mega Millions – A 1,2,3 Steps to Millions!

To play the US Mega Millions you will be selecting six numbers from two different pools of numbers. Five numbers will be selected from a pool numbered 1 to 75 and a single additional number from the second pool numbered 1 to 15. US Mega Millions winning numbers are selected each night of Tuesday and Friday at 11pm EST. You can select your numbers through randomized quick pick or manual selection. The much coveted jackpot price is won by matching all six drawn winning numbers.

The winning numbers are determined using two drawing machines. The machine used is called the Criterion II manufactured by Smartplay International. The balls are moved around through the counter rotation of arms which then randomly mixes the balls. Individually, the five white balls, only several seconds apart, will drop through a hole located at the bottom of the mixing drum.

There is an odd difference of 1 in 755 of winning any of the top six prizes and 1 in 40 of winning any prize in every play. Each gameplay will cost $1, or $2 (additional $1) with the Megaplier option. Megaplier is additional Mega Millions winning matrix which offers an optional multiplier to non-jackpot winnings, this multiplies the seven bottom prize divisions by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times, which depends on the draw and the jackpot prize size. 

The lucky winner of the jackpot prize will have two options in claiming the winnings – the one time lump sum cash option or through the annuity option.

Be the Next Mega Winner

Mega Millions is one of the most popular lottery games in the US and even among online lottery gamers worldwide. The big jackpot prizes continue to attract new and old players alike. Overall the chance of winning a prize in each Mega Millions draw game is one in 15. Your $1 ticket could be your ticket to paradise. So why not try your luck today and dream no more. Buy your ticket now and be the next Mega Millions MEGA Winner. May the favourable odds be with you!